5 reasons why you may need a shed

We have all been there: you’ve been to a friend’s barbecue and left thinking about their new shed! Now you’re thinking: “Should I get one?” Here is five possible uses for garden sheds to help you decide:

1) Guest room

A shed can be easily converted into a cosy guest bedroom that will give the occupants (and yourself) the feel of privacy that comes from separation and the feel of togetherness that comes with having friends around! So if you often have friends and family around, having a separate guest bedroom in your garden might be the best thing for your home.

Close up of a woman stretching in her bed

2) Storage

Storage is one of the main attractions when thinking about garden sheds. Most of us accumulate many items over the years and for one reason or another don’t want to give them up. A storage space in the garden offers the opportunity to hide that 90’s jumper away and not feel like it is occupying all the space in your house.

A woman packing colorful books into a cradboard box

3) Organisation

A shed could also be the perfect place to organise gardening equipment, sport kits and car parts. Many people use sheds to organise dangerous items that might be harmful for children playing around the house. Therefore it can serve a double purpose of organisation and security.

Neat garage tools hanging on a storage rack

4) Adds value

Thinking of selling in the near or not so near future? Adding a shed to your home adds value to it. The added value depends on the condition of the shed and the type of it, so it may be an investment worth considering. Buyers love additional home characteristics and a shed not only adds practicality but makes the home feel more liveable.

Piggy Bank and Businessman

5) Creative space

Who doesn’t want a man-cave? The busyness and stress surrounding work and family life leads all of us to need a break from time to time. A shed could be transformed into a little safe space of creativity and relax. It can be used to practice hobbies and even transformed into a small home gym.

Woodworker selecting timber for a project in his workshop.

As you can see there is no limits to a shed and it may be exactly what you need!