How to insulate your metal shed

Whether you have recently built your metal shed, or it has been in your back yard for years, it is worthwhile to insulate it.

By insulating your steel shed, you are preventing condensation from building up – something that creates mould and rust. Furthermore, insulating the shed will increase the interior temperature in winter and reduce the temperature during summer, so that that you won’t have to use any electrical heating or cooling equipment.

While it is possible to insulate your shed with reflective insulation or fiberglass, this guide will show you how to insulate your space using foam board. The material is flexible, and can seal all cavities and spaces within the structure’s walls.

Measure and cut

A majority of metal sheds have grooves on their exterior. However, you won’t need to cover the divots. Rather, focus on the overall area of the metal. Measure the height and length of the area you’ll be insulating, and cut the foam boards accordingly.

Applying adhesive

Your next step is to apply adhesive onto the metal shed, following the directions on the package, and then sticking the foam boards onto the shed.

Ensure that all areas are covered, and seal any joints with heavy duty tape. This will keep out more moisture.

Waterproofing and fireproofing

It is possible for foam board to absorb water vapour, and it can also be flammable. To avoid and prevent any fires and/or condensation, cover the board with a fireproof vapour barrier, like a fireproof aluminum composite panel. Follow the direction on the panels when installing.


If you want to maintain the shed’s overall appearance with just the foam board, you can do that. However, you can also decorate your white foam boards by using wallpaper. This is not only easy to install but offers an updated look.

Maintaining the boards

Make sure you are regularly checking your foam boards to ensure they are sticking to your shed properly. When they start to peel, you’ll need to replace them.