The art of Garden Shed organisation!


The garden shed is one of the most useful pieces of garden equipment you can buy and is indispensable for most home owners. However, like many items looking after it and keeping it in order can often get overlooked even though they are virtually maintenance free! We all say when the new shed arrives that you will keep this shed shipshape but before you know it the shed is full of clutter and all those items you are keeping ‘just in case’.

The key to organising your shed is to decide what you are going to use it for. Is it going to be just a garden store, are you going to start seeds off in there or are you going to use it for a garden workshop or hobby room. When you have decided then you can work out what needs to go where and what shelves or cupboards are needed to help keep it in order.

Quite often there is so much in the shed it’s an idea to take everything out of it and lay it out. By doing so you can sort out all the tools, cans and bit and pieces into some sort of order. With the shed clear you can see where you can put shelves and possibly a work bench. Take a good look at all the items out of your shed. Are there items which have not been touched for years and are unlikely to be needed, then these are candidates for disposing off.

When you have your shelves up then you can start to return some items to your shed. Your garden tools can be hung on purpose made pegs or nails and this will help to keep them tidy. This can apply to any amount of tools which helps to keep the shed in order. A range of plastic boxes, ideally with lids, are ideal for keeping screws, nails etc in order. By labelling them it will be a lot easier to find what you are looking for.

Compost and seeds also can be stored in plastic containers. This will help to keep it dry for when you need it. A lockable store cupboard is a good idea for those garden chemicals and other nasties. This will ensure that any children will be safe if they get into the shed.

Bikes, lawn mowers and garden tools used regularly should be towards the door for ease of access. If you put then at the back it will always be a struggle to gain access to them. By thinking ahead you can reduce any stress and ensure the shed is a relaxing place.

After the summer is over there will be other items to go in there such as the barbecue and garden furniture. Try to think about where this will go so you can still access the required garden tools throughout the winter. With a little bit of thought and planning your shed will enhance your home living even more than ever.

Should you require a steel garden shed, extra utility space, room for storage or workshop, Lifelong steel sheds offer a stylish, robust and secure building guaranteed to last. The range of sizes and options available suit virtually every situation.

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Guide to Choosing a Steel Shed or Metal Workshop

There is a huge choice in garden sheds from the traditional wooden garden shed to plastic, concrete and metal sheds. All have their good points but the metal garden shed can be seen as a good option as it doesn’t require annual treatments.

Most steel garden sheds will have protection against rust by galvanising the steel. There are two methods of doing this and the cheapest option is electro galvanised and the best is hot dipped galvanising. Electro galvanising is where an electrical charge is applied and this enables the zinc to cling to the metal and this gives the metal resistant to rusting, ensuring the long term protection to a steel even in exposed conditions.

You will find that LifeLong Steel Sheds offers a range of garden sheds and workshops which are all made to meet the very high standards and offer the greatest protection against rust, designed for very long lives, as the name suggests!

Our metal sheds are good honest value for money sheds which are destined for a purpose and that is to keep your garden goods protected from the elements such as rain and snow. They have an option for padlocks to be applied and this will help to keep your valuables secure.  These features allow you to use your Lifelong steel garden shed not just as a general garden shed but also as a robust and secure utility room, making extra room in your kitchen. The sheds can be plummed or wired for electricity quiet easily, however this must be done by qualified tradesmen. The sheds can also be used as a secure storage area, workshop, exercise room or for many other purposes.  Think of the value of the items you will have in your shed, a couple of bicycles, a lawnmower and other tools. Then think are they worth securing.

You will also find that metal sheds are quite eco-friendly as the metal in the building can be recycled after the shed has comes to the end of its life.   The floor of the shed is made of 18mm plywood (¾ of an inch) sourced from a legally and sustainable forest (PEFC). The timber is screwed on to the supporting steel runners, described above, to give a clean firm finish. The timber is not touching the base, clay or concrete, so it is not subject to dampness induced rotting.  This is reassuring as the natural resources of our planet are becoming depleted.

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