Preventing Condensation in Your Steel Shed

There are a number of benefits of having a steel shed as opposed to having a wooden one.

One of the main benefits is the low maintenance, however, a big concern is the amount of condensation that builds up in metal sheds. There are a few simple steps that can help you keep condensation from becoming a major problem for your metal shed.

Your first step is to build a damp-proof course into the base of your metal shed. This prevents any moisture from rising in your shed, consequently preventing any condensation.

Construct the base of your metals shed so it is a few inches larger thant the base rail, and ensure the foundation contains a damp-proof membrane. The membrane should be roughly 2 inches higher than the area surrounding the shed.

Your next step is to allow much time to pass so the foundation can cure once the concrete is laid. This may take up to between three to seven days, varying on the level of moisture in the air. If your shed is built too soon, it may cause the water to dry from the concrete to form as condensation inside your shed.

Remember to apply a sealant to the base rails inside of your metal shed after the shed has been bolted to the base. Then apply a silicone or mastic sealant to prevent water from seeping into the shed and causing condensation.

Your last step is to insulate your metal shed. Begin by cleaning off the inside of the rood with a methylated spirit. Dry off the roof panels, and attach polystyrene tiles using a special spray glue. Ensure that you check that the glue bonds the polystyrene to the metal and isn’t affected by temperature.