Why is a Steel Shed an Investment?

Steel Shed a Investment

When you are looking to buy a shed, there are many material options you will come across. Most likely to be wood, metal or steel. Each will have their attributes but why is a steel shed a good option for the long term?

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Steel sheds, Window sheds & Maintenance Free Sheds

No matter where you look for a shed there’s always that bit of detail you want whether that’s a steel shed with different windows, Built in flooring, more secure or just maintenance free sheds. Life long steel sheds supply a whole range of different and custom built sheds built to the specification you require.

Our Steel sheds with Windows

Steel Garden Sheds
Steel garden sheds with windows

We offer some of the best steel sheds around with the option to add whatever size window, shape, or type to your shed. Allowing that extra touch & sleek look.

You can find more out about or sheds with windows by visiting our Floor, Window & Roof Options for your steel shed Page.


Steel sheds with Flooring

Steel Garden WorkshopWhen you go to view or purchase a shed one key feature a lot of people miss is the flooring, most of the time you would have to spend hours, days even just preparing a concrete base for the shed to be resting on however, we offer that exact steel shed that doesn’t require any concrete base as it has a pre-built wooden flooring.


Steel garden shed

All of our flooring that is built within the sheds are sitting on steel runners allowing the wood to be fully protected against any dampness or other water damage.

Yes that’s right…We have Maintenance Free sheds

Believe it or not we offer virtually maintenance free sheds, designed specifically to last a lifetime! Built with steel frames, solid welded units used to produce a heavy duty rigid frame allows these sheds to have absolute strength. Due to the specific design of the sheds accessories can be added such as extra locks, strengthened hinges and even all sizes of windows which can be fitted around the shed or even in the roof.

If you’d like to see what other steel sheds we offer please don’t hesitate to look at our main website Life Long Steel Sheds 

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