Caring for a metal shed

You have a metal shed that is protecting all of your outdoor equipment but you don’t really know how to care for it.

Metal sheds are affordable and provide decent storage space. They are quick to install and often have less waste when they are manufactured – as with all metal structures and buildings alike they are vulnerable to weathering so there’s a necessary for annual maintenance.

Protecting your shed from water:

– Examine the roof of the shed for miniature holes that will allow water to seep into the shed.
– Use the waterproof caulking to fill any voids so that the water will not leak and cause any more damage.
– Check if the sides and base of the shed have any holes. Seal any of them that are apparent with waterproof caulking.
– Don’t forget to examine the base of the shed. If rainwater collects in a pool near the base, it will be necessary to pack dirt around the perimeter of the shed, applied in a downwards slope, away from the shed.

Maintain your sheds’ appearance;

– Locate any scratches or areas on the shed with peeling paint and using an exterior primer and paint, cover or touch up all of the areas where the metal is exposed. Doing so will prevent any rust damaging the metal.
– If you happen to find any larger holes, use a specific sandpaper for metal and sand the affected area, and try to remove as much rust as you can if the area is rusty. You can purchase a piece of sheet metal and JB Weld Epoxy from your local home centre and after cutting a piece of sheet metal slightly larger than the hole, use the JB Weld Epoxy and glue it over the hole and then seal the edges with waterproof caulking on the inside and the outside.
– For the finishing touch, prime and paint the area, inside and out.

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