Buying a garden shed: tips

You’ve decided to purchase a garden shed, however, you aren’t too sure which is suitable for your garden.

We’ve compiled a selection of tips in order to help you select the best shed for your garden or allotment.

What material?

First of all you will want to choose what type of shed you want for your garden, the most popular are wooden and steel sheds. Wooden sheds are made from softwoods like pine or spruce.

Steel sheds are incredibly robust, haven’t the threat of burning down and are resistant to rot. They are customisable by colour and can slot into any part of a garden.

Plastic sheds are not uncommon; they are relatively maintenance free and are easily assembled. Aesthetically, they may not meet the quality standard’s for some people.

What size?

Depending on the space that is available, it is recommended that you choose a shed that is at least 6ft x 8ft. This is a suitable size shed for working as the wise spaced flooring allows for a work bench to be placed along one side.

If you’re choosing a shed for a relatively small space, ensure that you are aware of the precise dimensions.


Over time, a feeble shed could possibly experience a sagging roof, distorted sides, alongside a door that may not close properly.

You can check the sturdiness of a shed by walking inside the shed and jumping in the centre of the floor, also pushing against the centre of the of the side panels and roof panels – you should feel a firm resistance which will indicate its sturdiness.

With these tips, we hope you can find a shed that is suitable to you needs!

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