Why is a Steel Shed an Investment?

Steel Shed a Investment

When you are looking to buy a shed, there are many material options you will come across. Most likely to be wood, metal or steel. Each will have their attributes but why is a steel shed a good option for the long term?

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Buying a garden shed: tips

You’ve decided to purchase a garden shed, however, you aren’t too sure which is suitable for your garden.

We’ve compiled a selection of tips in order to help you select the best shed for your garden or allotment.

What material?

First of all you will want to choose what type of shed you want for your garden, the most popular are wooden and steel sheds. Wooden sheds are made from softwoods like pine or spruce.

Steel sheds are incredibly robust, haven’t the threat of burning down and are resistant to rot. They are customisable by colour and can slot into any part of a garden.

Plastic sheds are not uncommon; they are relatively maintenance free and are easily assembled. Aesthetically, they may not meet the quality standard’s for some people.

What size?

Depending on the space that is available, it is recommended that you choose a shed that is at least 6ft x 8ft. This is a suitable size shed for working as the wise spaced flooring allows for a work bench to be placed along one side.

If you’re choosing a shed for a relatively small space, ensure that you are aware of the precise dimensions.


Over time, a feeble shed could possibly experience a sagging roof, distorted sides, alongside a door that may not close properly.

You can check the sturdiness of a shed by walking inside the shed and jumping in the centre of the floor, also pushing against the centre of the of the side panels and roof panels – you should feel a firm resistance which will indicate its sturdiness.

With these tips, we hope you can find a shed that is suitable to you needs!

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Spring cleaning your storage shed

With spring around the corner, thoughts of snow melting, warm weather and cleaning are beginning to arise.

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to give your home that fresh feel for the summer ahead.
While the main focus will be on the house during a spring clean, people will often neglect their garages and storage sheds.

Cleaning these spaces is equally as important as cleaning your home as it will be a great way of organisation and you’ll easily have more room for storage and will be able to find things more easily.

Take everything out

If your shed looks cluttered, it should have been cleared out a while ago, however, in order to get everything  cleaned, take out all of items and then you will also be able to assess whether you need any of the items and will be able to throw some away.

Deep clean

Once everything is out of your shed, you are in a position to deep clean your storage building.
Begin by sweeping away any dirt and debris that is on the floor and then move on to the windows by removing the dust on the shelving in the shed.
From here, a power washer would be handy and should be used on the floors and the exterior of the building, only if it can take the force of the power washer.
After the washing has been done, allow the building to air dry completely that will deter the growth of any dangerous mold. It is advised to have a fan on inside the building, alternatively, a moisture collection bag that will speed up the drying process.


Now that the shed is clean, you can organise all of your items into a manageable and orderly fashion.
Something to do would be purchasing shelving and labels so it makes it more easier to store, find and utilise all of the space of your shed. You can also hang tool on the wall; things like rakes, shovels and hoses that will make it easily accessible.
Bear in mind to organise your smaller items first, sectioning them off into a certain area and then larger items somewhere else, such as lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.

These tips should help you get your storage building into an orderly fashion for spring and summer! Please visit our website for further information about our sheds.

Top advantages of steel sheds

There has been an increase in the demand for garden sheds in the UK, along with it, the best material to use for the shed.

Wood and steel are the most popular materials for building sheds: below are the top advantages of steel sheds.

The first advantage of steel sheds that many of you may know is that they are a lot cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Budget can be a defining factor in many acquisitions leading metal sheds to be the most sought-after storage option within the UK.

Steel sheds are delivered in lightweight packages enabling easy transport, many companies also provide the products flat-packed, giving consumers the opportunity to manoeuvre the package about the house and garden before assembling.

Although light, steel sheds are incredibly sturdy and highly durable. Steel sheds can last in a fine condition for a decade or so, before needing to be refurbished.
Their durability is another advantageous factor because manufacturers are able to offer long warranties, the average in the UK lasting for 10-20 years.

Steel sheds require very little maintenance; to prevent any condensation damage, you can see our tips and advice, here.

One other advantage of steel sheds is that many do not require any foundations, they can be assembled on any available flat surface, however, much larger steel sheds might need foundations to help anchor the structures down.

Wooden sheds may pose a threat to your household  because of the potential fire hazards. With steel sheds, this threat is unlikely as metal is natural a fire retardant, requiring exceedingly high temperatures to begin melting.

An active or passive ventilation system will come built in with your steel shed, either featuring a fan or requiring a panel on the roof of your shed to be opened.
Ventilation is vital for your steel shed as it will air out the shed, thus preventing condensation.

For aesthetic purposes, steel sheds can be customised to suit an individual’s preferences, varying colour and maybe added stencils.
Wooden sheds, prior to painting, will need a number of treatments and will need to be repainted each year, whereas steel varieties will only require maintenance every five years or so.

In summary, steel sheds are considerably cheaper and more customisable that other shed materials and have numerous advantages.
For more information about steel sheds and to pick one for yourself, please visit our website!

Guide to Choosing a Steel Shed or Metal Workshop

There is a huge choice in garden sheds from the traditional wooden garden shed to plastic, concrete and metal sheds. All have their good points but the metal garden shed can be seen as a good option as it doesn’t require annual treatments.

Most steel garden sheds will have protection against rust by galvanising the steel. There are two methods of doing this and the cheapest option is electro galvanised and the best is hot dipped galvanising. Electro galvanising is where an electrical charge is applied and this enables the zinc to cling to the metal and this gives the metal resistant to rusting, ensuring the long term protection to a steel even in exposed conditions.

You will find that LifeLong Steel Sheds offers a range of garden sheds and workshops which are all made to meet the very high standards and offer the greatest protection against rust, designed for very long lives, as the name suggests!

Our metal sheds are good honest value for money sheds which are destined for a purpose and that is to keep your garden goods protected from the elements such as rain and snow. They have an option for padlocks to be applied and this will help to keep your valuables secure.  These features allow you to use your Lifelong steel garden shed not just as a general garden shed but also as a robust and secure utility room, making extra room in your kitchen. The sheds can be plummed or wired for electricity quiet easily, however this must be done by qualified tradesmen. The sheds can also be used as a secure storage area, workshop, exercise room or for many other purposes.  Think of the value of the items you will have in your shed, a couple of bicycles, a lawnmower and other tools. Then think are they worth securing.

You will also find that metal sheds are quite eco-friendly as the metal in the building can be recycled after the shed has comes to the end of its life.   The floor of the shed is made of 18mm plywood (¾ of an inch) sourced from a legally and sustainable forest (PEFC). The timber is screwed on to the supporting steel runners, described above, to give a clean firm finish. The timber is not touching the base, clay or concrete, so it is not subject to dampness induced rotting.  This is reassuring as the natural resources of our planet are becoming depleted.

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