How you can waterproof a steel shed

While steel sheds are incredibly durable, they may not be classed as energy efficient.

The roof on a metal shed will absorb the heat from the sun, in turn, causing the shed’s interior to heat up. Waterproofing a metal shed lowers the surface temperature of the roof and reduces the cooling costs.

If you fail to waterproof any metal roof, moisture will be allowed to seep under the roof and cause internal corrosion. Waterproof a metal roof a few months after installing the roof to protect it and reduce energy costs.

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Why is a Steel Shed an Investment?

Steel Shed a Investment

When you are looking to buy a shed, there are many material options you will come across. Most likely to be wood, metal or steel. Each will have their attributes but why is a steel shed a good option for the long term?

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How Can I Dissolve Rust on My Steel Garden Workshop?

Rust will occur on your steel garden workshop if it overexposed to oxygen, water, and general moisture.

If rust isn’t acted on soon or isn’t treated properly, the rust will continue to eat away at the metal and will eventually cause serious damage that may not be irreversible.

Rust can be removed from pipes, tools, and other metal objects through the use of a variety of cleaning products.

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Preventing Condensation in Your Steel Shed

There are a number of benefits of having a steel shed as opposed to having a wooden one.

One of the main benefits is the low maintenance, however, a big concern is the amount of condensation that builds up in metal sheds. There are a few simple steps that can help you keep condensation from becoming a major problem for your metal shed.

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Top Shed Buying Tips

When looking for a shed for your garden or allotment, you are going to be on the look at for the best value for your money.

With the following techniques, we are showing you how to find the best shed for its use!

Choosing a Metal Shed

Metal sheds are will not rot or burn down in comparison to their counterparts of wooden sheds. They can also be painted in a variety of colours which can be suited to a garden colour scheme or just general preference.

Steel sheds have many benefits; they are incredibly sturdy and robust, offer safety and high security and much more.

Choosing the right size

We recommend if you have enough room, to purchase a shed that is 6ft x 8ft which will allow the installation of a work bench along the one side.

When seeking a shed for a confined area, be sure to take the exact dimensions of this area to your shed supplierso that can assist you with a shed that is suitable.

Choosing the sturdiness of the shed

A poorly-manufactured shed is likely of sag and develop distorted sides and possibly a door that won’t shut properly.

A tip for checking sturdiness is by pushing against the middle panels of each of the walls inside your shed and feel a resistance.

Choosing the weatherproofed shed

If a shed is lacking a weather bar (strip of wood) placed over the top of a door and at the bottom of the door, there are likely to be leaks. Weather bars deflect the water from seeping into your shed.

Windows are prone to rot towards their bottom unless they have sloping sills with a drip groove. A drip groove has a cut beneatht he sill to allow water to drip to the ground.

Avoid choosing a shed that has many gaps – letting light in means they are more likely to let rain in.

Lifelong Steel Sheds have a variety of metal sheds available that can be tailored for your needs.

Metal sheds

Metal sheds can be made of galvanised aluminium and, most commonly, steel.

Their availability has been going for an extremely long time and is a go to shed purchase as they are the most cost effective option. As some steel sheds may not be robust enough to withstand strong weather conditions, your provider may advise you to purchase an anchoring kit to make sure your shed stays upright.

Metal sheds are ideal for those who need a small storage space however, they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any of your garden shed needs.

Steel sheds are available in a range of colours and can be customisable and can be painted to suit your needs. Metal sheds rarely need any maintenance which is what makes them desirable, however they will need some care to prevent/remove any rust that is likely to occur.

Steel sheds are brilliant to be utilised as garden work shops! Please visit our website to view our steel sheds.

Why have a steel garden workshop?


Lifelong Steel Sheds provide steel garden workshops, an outbuilding that is becoming a popular choice of workshop.

But why? Firstly, steel workshops present many advantages and, not to mention, are eco-friendly! See the many benefits of a steel garden workshop below.


Steel is a quality building material; using it to build a workshop is beneficial as it has a high strength to weight ratio that goes beyond any other building material. Steel, like other metals, will rarely crack, expand, shrink, twist or warp which is why it is fabricated to a ‘true’, square shape and will remain in that shape throughout its lifetime. Thus sparing you the expense of needing many repairs.

Again, steel won’t suffer from the growth of mold or mildew, unlike many wooden garden workshops. Also, it is unlikely that a steel workshop will suffer from rodents or termites either.

Safe and secure

Any good workshop should be made of a non-combustible material – something that steel will meet all of the targets of. Steel can withstand harsh environments and climates as it’s incredibly durable. Lightning is no issue for the material, also, the steel frames lessen the possibility of secondary fires, explosions or personal injuries as a steel garden workshops generally have several conductive paths to the ground.

Environmentally friendly

This benefit is among the most appealing as steel is 100% recyclable. Did you know that almost two-thirds of steel frames are recycled?


Another reason of their popularity is the variety of steel buildings that are available. The workshop that you decide to take will all the same suit your needs and save you money in process.

Many steel garden workshops are completely customisable and can be tailored for your needs.

If you’d like further information about the steel garden workshops we can offer you, please visit the website.

Steel garden sheds

Steel gardens sheds are still growing in popularity in the UK, rightly so as it presents many advantages.

Wooden sheds and steel sheds are topping the list of being the best value for money regarding garden buildings.
Below, you can find the advantages of acquiring a steel garden workshop.

Of the most significant advantages of a steel shed is they cost less than their wooden counterparts – a large, high-end steel shed could be purchased for the same amount as a timber shed. Metal sheds are presently among the most sought after garden storage options on the UK market due to budget being a controlling factor in many acquisitions.

The sheds will often be delivered in lightweight packages allowing them to be passed through standard door openings. A majority of suppliers prefer to provide the products flat-packed thus them being easily accessible and able to be manipulated without the need for help if you are setting up the shed along.

Again, steel sheds are being chosen over wooden sheds because they are a lot easier to assemble as they are lightweight, also they don’t require the skills of a carpenter to set it up in your garden.
Though don’t let their light nature fool you into thinking these structures won’t withstand windy weather, steel sheds are especially robust and prove to be the unique selling point. Metal is incredibly difficult to damage, providing a life long structure which enables manufacturers to offer a long warranty with ten to twenty years being common in the UK.

Metal sheds usually will not require a foundation, saving you a lot of time and money. They can be used on any flat land and all that is needed is a spirit level to ensure it is flat.
Larger metal sheds may require a foundation in order to anchor the structure.

Regarding security, steel sheds actually provide an increased protection against thieves – the reinforced hinges that are commonly featured in metal sheds aid in preventing forced entry.

Please visit the website for further information on steel sheds!

Top advantages of steel sheds

There has been an increase in the demand for garden sheds in the UK, along with it, the best material to use for the shed.

Wood and steel are the most popular materials for building sheds: below are the top advantages of steel sheds.

The first advantage of steel sheds that many of you may know is that they are a lot cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Budget can be a defining factor in many acquisitions leading metal sheds to be the most sought-after storage option within the UK.

Steel sheds are delivered in lightweight packages enabling easy transport, many companies also provide the products flat-packed, giving consumers the opportunity to manoeuvre the package about the house and garden before assembling.

Although light, steel sheds are incredibly sturdy and highly durable. Steel sheds can last in a fine condition for a decade or so, before needing to be refurbished.
Their durability is another advantageous factor because manufacturers are able to offer long warranties, the average in the UK lasting for 10-20 years.

Steel sheds require very little maintenance; to prevent any condensation damage, you can see our tips and advice, here.

One other advantage of steel sheds is that many do not require any foundations, they can be assembled on any available flat surface, however, much larger steel sheds might need foundations to help anchor the structures down.

Wooden sheds may pose a threat to your household  because of the potential fire hazards. With steel sheds, this threat is unlikely as metal is natural a fire retardant, requiring exceedingly high temperatures to begin melting.

An active or passive ventilation system will come built in with your steel shed, either featuring a fan or requiring a panel on the roof of your shed to be opened.
Ventilation is vital for your steel shed as it will air out the shed, thus preventing condensation.

For aesthetic purposes, steel sheds can be customised to suit an individual’s preferences, varying colour and maybe added stencils.
Wooden sheds, prior to painting, will need a number of treatments and will need to be repainted each year, whereas steel varieties will only require maintenance every five years or so.

In summary, steel sheds are considerably cheaper and more customisable that other shed materials and have numerous advantages.
For more information about steel sheds and to pick one for yourself, please visit our website!