Top advantages of steel sheds

There has been an increase in the demand for garden sheds in the UK, along with it, the best material to use for the shed.

Wood and steel are the most popular materials for building sheds: below are the top advantages of steel sheds.

The first advantage of steel sheds that many of you may know is that they are a lot cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Budget can be a defining factor in many acquisitions leading metal sheds to be the most sought-after storage option within the UK.

Steel sheds are delivered in lightweight packages enabling easy transport, many companies also provide the products flat-packed, giving consumers the opportunity to manoeuvre the package about the house and garden before assembling.

Although light, steel sheds are incredibly sturdy and highly durable. Steel sheds can last in a fine condition for a decade or so, before needing to be refurbished.
Their durability is another advantageous factor because manufacturers are able to offer long warranties, the average in the UK lasting for 10-20 years.

Steel sheds require very little maintenance; to prevent any condensation damage, you can see our tips and advice, here.

One other advantage of steel sheds is that many do not require any foundations, they can be assembled on any available flat surface, however, much larger steel sheds might need foundations to help anchor the structures down.

Wooden sheds may pose a threat to your household  because of the potential fire hazards. With steel sheds, this threat is unlikely as metal is natural a fire retardant, requiring exceedingly high temperatures to begin melting.

An active or passive ventilation system will come built in with your steel shed, either featuring a fan or requiring a panel on the roof of your shed to be opened.
Ventilation is vital for your steel shed as it will air out the shed, thus preventing condensation.

For aesthetic purposes, steel sheds can be customised to suit an individual’s preferences, varying colour and maybe added stencils.
Wooden sheds, prior to painting, will need a number of treatments and will need to be repainted each year, whereas steel varieties will only require maintenance every five years or so.

In summary, steel sheds are considerably cheaper and more customisable that other shed materials and have numerous advantages.
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