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Maintenance Free Sheds

Virtually maintenance free, Designed to last a lifetime.

All the steel garden sheds have a 40x40x3mm box steel frame. The front, back and side sections are solid welded units which are then bolted together on site, to make a heavy duty rigid frame. In the longer sheds additional side bars and roof trusses are added. The timber floor is supported by a steel frame with a series of cross bars so the timber is clear of the ground or base and is firm underfoot.

The garden shed cladding is made from steel which is hot dipped galvanised giving 270g/sq.m on each side of the sheet. This is then primed and painted and the outer side is embossed with 200g per square metre plastisol (PVC). The plastisol alone is guaranteed for 25 years, it is hard wearing and will only be damaged by something sharp or rough. Should this happen the steel is still protected by the galvanise coating underneath. This cladding is therefore maintenance free, does not need painting, so you do not have to leave space around the shed or worry when shrubs grow up around it, as it becomes an integral part of your garden.

Our steel garden sheds are therefore designed to last a lifetime, hence we can confidently offer every customer a fifteen year guarantee.

"I went for the olive green colour shed and I must say, it blends in well to my garden and I have had many compliments from family. Great work, very pleased."

- Simon W, Herts

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