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Steel Garden Shed - roof options

Standard Apex Roof

The standard steel garden shed has an apex roof and are available with a gable width of 1.9, 2.5, 3.1 and 3.7 metres (6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft). The dept of the sheds vary from 2.1 increasing by 1 metre to 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, or more (7' increasing by 3'3" to 10', 13'3", 16'6" or more).

A single door and window are normally fitted on the front gable. The door may be fitted on the left or righ and hinged on the left or right. The door is similar in width to any house door, that is 850mm wide with a clear entrance of 810mm (33.5, clear entrance of 32"). The clear entrance height is 1.77 metres (69.5 inches).

Double doors giving an opening of 1.53 metres ( 5ft.) are available where wider access is required, such as for a ride on mower. In the 8ft shed it is not possible to put a window beside the double doors however in the 10ft shed, a small window on either side of the doors is standard.

It is also possible to change the position of the door and or window to the side.

The internal height at the eaves is 1.88metres (6'2") with an apex height of 2.44 metres (8') giving a comfortable head height for working. The external height of the shed is 2.47 metres which is within the planning requirements, therefore it is not necessary to get planning permission for this height of shed. Extra high sheds can be provided but planning permission will be required.

To maximise the use of limited space some other sizes can be accommodated. Please ask for further information.

Gable Width 1.9m (6') 2.5m (8') 3.1m (10') 3.7m (12')
Shed Depth 2.1m (7') 3.1m (10') 3.1m (13'3") 5.1m (16'6")
Door Width 850mm (33.5")
Clear Entrance Width 810mm (32")
Clear Entrance Height 1.77m (69.5")
Double Doors 1.53m ( 5')
Shed External Height 2.47m
Internal Height at Eaves 1.88m (6'2")
Apex Height 2.44m (8')
Apex Garden Sheds
Apex Garden Sheds
Apex Garden Sheds
Apex Garden Sheds

"So much better than my old wooden shed, steel shed has solid build quality and fit for so many purposes, I love it!"

- Sean M, Hull

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