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No Base Needed

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Base Information

Steel Shed Bases

Lifelong steel sheds require no concrete or slab base, saving you hundreds of pounds and a lot of hassle! Given the strong steel box framing for these buildings, it it possible to install them in any area of solid and reasonably level ground. 

 Where needed, we can 'pack-out' the building supports with suitable materials to ensure the building is level, as shown above. 

A timber flooring is supplied as standard inside the building, which is mounted onto the steel box framing. The timber does not come into contact with the ground, so is protected from rotting.

Steel Garage Bases

Our garages do not have the same base structure as our steel sheds - there is no steel box framing or timber on the floor. Given the nature of the product, and what you would expect to store inside one of these buildings, a suitable base is required - normally poured concrete.




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