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How to set up a gym in your shed

At the start of the new year, everyone ponders the idea of joining a gym. However, joining a gym can be a horrible experience. You pay astronomical amounts of money each month, to travel miles, and exercise next to sweaty strangers. Well, have you ever thought about of having your own home gym?

A home gym might seem like a luxury in current times. But it’s less costly than you think, and will you will save more money over time. In addition to this, by getting a steel shed from us (or even converting your current one) means you don't need to lose a room in the house or build an extension

Here are our top tips and accessories for creating your perfect lifelong steel shed gym.

Floor protection

If you’re like most people, you will firstly get straight into using weights. This means you’ll be dropping them quite regularly. Why not protect your shed floor with some rubber tiles? Start by putting the heavy duty tiles in your weights area initially, and if they look good, add more. A bonus from using the rubber tiles is that they help massively with the insulation of the shed, meaning no more exercising in the freezing cold.

All the gear

The most popular item people tend to buy first is an exercise bike. These are handy machines as they provide a great cardio work out, and some can even fold up after use, meaning there is more room for other items.

Next to install could matter. This helps when doing stretches and floor exercises, as using a matt will soften the feel of the ground and provide better support for your back and neck. Top up next with all the large equipment that will take up most of the room. This can include weights, a rowing machine, or a treadmill.

Finally, its time customise! Add some posters or motivational images to really set the mood of the gym. You could even add electronics such as a radio or TV to make it feel more personalised. Which leads us on to our next point…

Get Wired

If you are thinking about linking electric equipment up in your gym then you‚Äôll need a power supply. You‚Äôll need to power your shed by running a cable from your home to the shed. We can fit A panel with a light switch and sockets, however, The wiring and connection MUST  be done by a qualified electrician.

Choose the right shed

That garden shed you keep gardening equipment won’t be strong enough to cope with heavy gym use. Steel sheds are much more suitable for home gyms: they are more durable and secure than traditional sheds and summerhouses.

You’ll need at least enough space to stretch out your limbs without touching the roof or walls and to lie flat on the floor. A 40x40x3mm box steel frame is ideal for most.


In the summer at the very least you’ll want to be able to open the windows. Our standard shed has a PVC double glazed window on the front gable. In the standard 8 or 10 foot sheds half of the window opens. Extra windows can be fitted on the side or back if required. With the double glazing, it makes the shed ideal for the winter months too as you will be able to stay warm and listen to music without sound escaping

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