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What’s the Best Shed for you?

Whether the sun is shining or it’s raining cats and dogs, you need a space to store your gardening essentials. The best thing is to store them in a shed but what is the best shed for you? Is it a steel shed? We have listed all the options to make your choice a little easier.

Before you decide on the type of shed you want, you have to think about the size and where it would go. By deciding where to put the shed first, it will make it easier to figure out which size would fit best. This is why we have the options of a garden shed and a garage shed. From there you can decide whether all of your gardening tools will fit into that size.

There are number of materials to choose from when it comes to a shed. Such as softwood, plastic and even metal. Each has their own distinct feature. Softwood requires occasional repainting and the most expensive variety is least likely to rot. Plastic is light and can easily be assembled and disassembled if/when it is needed.

Roof and Base Options
Regardless of which material you choose, you need to have a suitable base to put the shed on. Normally this is concrete but we also offer a no-concrete option for the base. For the roof, we offer an apex and pent or lean to roof option. The roof cladding is treated with an anti-condensation membrane to prevent dripping in cold conditions. Condensation occurs as the temperature falls and the air cannot maintain the same level of humidity. The condensation develops on the coldest surface in this case the roof. The anti-condensation non woven felt fabric absorbs the moisture to prevent dripping. The moisture will evaporate naturally as temperatures rise the following day.

Does it need a window or a door?
The larger the shed, the better it would be to have a window or door. As well as this, we offer a plywood flooring option. Making it easy for you to clean and store all your garden gizmos. All of our standard sheds have a PVC double-glazed window but we can also put in extra windows.

Starting with a strong padlock on the door is good but there‚Äôs much more to shed security than this. This is why we offer a steel door with robust steel hinges and locking bolt to all of our steel garden sheds. For extra security, if necessary, a cover guard can be fitted over the bolt lock or a deadbolt locking mechanism fitted. The window can be replaced with cladding or bars can be fitted to the window.

They are also maintenance-free. However, they will melt if there is a fire. Last, but not least, is metal. This material may be a heavy and harder to assemble, but once it is in place it isn’t likely to move and can last a very long time. Metal sheds also offer the best security. This is why we have options for maintenance free sheds..

To hear more about the steel sheds that Lifelong Steel Sheds provide or find out more about the best shed for you, please get in touch.

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