Spring cleaning your storage shed

With spring around the corner, thoughts of snow melting, warm weather and cleaning are beginning to arise.

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to give your home that fresh feel for the summer ahead.
While the main focus will be on the house during a spring clean, people will often neglect their garages and storage sheds.

Cleaning these spaces is equally as important as cleaning your home as it will be a great way of organisation and you’ll easily have more room for storage and will be able to find things more easily.

Take everything out

If your shed looks cluttered, it should have been cleared out a while ago, however, in order to get everything  cleaned, take out all of items and then you will also be able to assess whether you need any of the items and will be able to throw some away.

Deep clean

Once everything is out of your shed, you are in a position to deep clean your storage building.
Begin by sweeping away any dirt and debris that is on the floor and then move on to the windows by removing the dust on the shelving in the shed.
From here, a power washer would be handy and should be used on the floors and the exterior of the building, only if it can take the force of the power washer.
After the washing has been done, allow the building to air dry completely that will deter the growth of any dangerous mold. It is advised to have a fan on inside the building, alternatively, a moisture collection bag that will speed up the drying process.


Now that the shed is clean, you can organise all of your items into a manageable and orderly fashion.
Something to do would be purchasing shelving and labels so it makes it more easier to store, find and utilise all of the space of your shed. You can also hang tool on the wall; things like rakes, shovels and hoses that will make it easily accessible.
Bear in mind to organise your smaller items first, sectioning them off into a certain area and then larger items somewhere else, such as lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.

These tips should help you get your storage building into an orderly fashion for spring and summer! Please visit our website for further information about our sheds.