History of garden sheds

Sheds were first heard in the UK towards the end of the fifteenth century, from a printer named William Caxton.

It is believed that sheds have Anglo-Saxon roots and that they were used throughout villages in the country for many years. William Caxton left behind documents that explained what they were used to store: tools, even live animals.

From then on, the shed grew to be an essential feature for households around Europe but was most popular during the Victorian era. Ladies would set up their own greenhouses, workshops and potting sheds in the garden to where they were about to sit out of the house.

Between the first and second World War, a variety of companies’ interest sparked in sheds thus they started selling pre-assembled packs to the masses. To begin with, the structures were basic, sturdy, and notably inexpensive compared to their Victorian ancestors. Sheds quickly became the storage house that were the quick and easy way to obtain that additional extra space to their gardens, as well as adding more value to their properties; at the same time, the uses for sheds expanded.

Sheds, to this day, remain easy to maintain and build and convenient for storage.

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